Information about the processing of personal data

(Articles 13-14 of EU Reg 679/16)


Dear Customer,

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 13-14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated April 27, 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, we inform you that:


Contact details of the owner of the processing:

The “owner” of the processing is Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C. Viale Paolo Toscanelli 88/a – 47900 – Rimini (RN) – Tel: 0541 734916 – E-.mail:

The purpose of the processing operation for which the data is intended and the legal basis of the processing operation:

The data will be treated in a lawful, correct and transparent way in relation to you and in any case in compliance with the provisions of art. 5 of EU Regulation 679/16.

Your personal data will be processed in order to manage your request to be included in the newsletter of Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C. that you provided by filling out the registration form.

Types of data processed:

The data you provide to, and is processed by, Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C. is necessary for the purposes indicated above and will concern your personal data and everything related to achieving the purposes indicated above by the Owner of the Processing.

Recipients of the personal data:

«Recipient» refers to the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or other entity receiving personal data, whether or not the recipient is a third party.

With regard to the activity carried out by Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C., the recipients of your personal data may be:

  • associated companies, subsidiaries, parent companies, affiliates and any other entities connected with the Owner of the Processing;
  • companies and/or commercial partners in general such as producers, communication companies, web services companies, partner sites and other professionals in the sector;
  • employees and collaborators in their capacity as persons involved in the processing of data for the performance of the services requested by you;
  • any external parties of our organization, with whom we have entered into specific agreements concerning the measures to be taken to ensure the security of the data entrusted to them, in any case the data will be processed exclusively to achieve the purposes indicated above.


The intention of the owner of the processing when transferring the data to a third country or an international organisation:


The owner of the processing does not intend to transfer the data to a third country or an international organisation.


The period of retention of personal data or, if this is not feasible, the criteria used to determine this period:


Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C. will keep the data of the concerned parties until the above mentioned purposes are reached and until the user’s account is closed.

Once the user has requested to be removed from the newsletter lists, the data will be deleted within 30 days of receipt of the request.

After this period, the data will be used only in anonymous form and for purely statistical, analytical, and historical purposes.

Access to data:

All of the data you provide will be accessible only to personnel who have been duly trained and appointed by means of a specific appointment letter, and it will be managed on paper or with the aid of IT tools using organisational measures designed to ensure and guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the data collected. At the paper level, they are stored in specific archives and divided by category of concerned party; therefore, Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C. has instructed the reference personnel about the immediate communication of the data in case a concerned party makes such request.

In that sense, the concerned parties are allowed, upon written request to the Owner of the processing, even by e-mail, to access their data to:

  • verify its accuracy;
  • modify it in case it becomes inaccurate;
  • integrate it with a supplementary declaration;
  • request deletion;
  • limit the processing;
  • oppose its processing


The Owner of the processing is obliged to respond without undue delay.

Deleting data:

Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C., in compliance with the corresponding right of access afforded to the concerned party, has set up procedures by which the concerned party may request the deletion without undue delay of their personal data or the limitation of the processing of their personal data for the following reasons:

  • Because the data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was collected;
  • Because the concerned party has revoked his/her consent to the processing of data;
  • Because the concerned party opposes the processing;
  • Because the data is processed unlawfully


Maryel e Noel s.a.s. di Fabbri Leonardo e Lorenzo e C. has therefore established that in the cases mentioned above the deadline for deletion is 30 days from the receipt by the Owner of the Processing of such request.

Not be exercised in case of conflicting legal obligations.

Subject to the terms of deletion, any request can be sent by email to the email address

Other rights of the concerned party:

  • The right to revoke consent at any time without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on prior consent to revocation (Article 13)
  • The right to lodge a complaint in accordance with the procedures laid out by the supervisory authority (Article 13)
  • The right of the concerned party to object at any time, on grounds relating to his/her particular situation, to the processing of personal data concerning him/her, including profiling. The owner of the processing shall refrain from further processing of personal data unless the owner can demonstrate the existence of compelling legitimate reasons for the processing, which outweigh the interests, rights and freedoms of the concerned party. (Article 21)
  • The right of the concerned party to oppose the processing of data concerning him/her, if it is processed for direct marketing purposes. Following opposition, such data may no longer be processed for such purposes. (Article 21)
  • The right of the concerned party to oppose the processing of data for historical-scientific purposes unless the public interest prevails. (Art. 21)


The nature of the provision of data:

The provision of data is optional, it is understood that any refusal to provide such data and failure to consent to their processing will make it impossible to handle the request you made.


Automated decision making regarding natural persons, including profiling:


Within the processes of Maryel and Noel s.a.s. by Fabbri Leonardo and Lorenzo e C. there is no fully automated decision-making process, human intervention is always required.